Testing & Fault Finding of telecommunication devices

An optical time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR) is a sophisticated optoelectronic equipment which is used for finding any faults and defects on Optic Fibre Cable. Our experienced specialist on software and testing engineering can be pinpointed precisely and exact location of any poor connections or twists along the cable. Imperfections may cause the small loses at the first sight which can lead to the big problems and major loses, by which network performance could be highly affected. 

Redesigning of Telecommunication services

Surveying of both internal and external telecommunication services via the reports of field assessments, packing photos for data analysing and uploads. Extensive path of Fibre (FTTx), HFC, and copper network design and quality assessment. Defining project plans, analysing data, designing of new path, and building system records.

Splicing of Copper and Fibre Cables

  • New installations
  • Maintenance of existing services.
  • Emergency and cut-over operations

Civil construction operations & Telecommunication Cable Hauling

  • Underground optical fibre, copper, and coaxial cable,
  • Aerial optical fibre and coaxial cable installation
  • Manhole fabrication
  • Pit and conduit installation
  • Trenching and civil excavation

Technical specialisation

Our skilled specialists are:

  • experienced in a vast array of information technology, testing software development, data analysing and services.
  • Specialising in commissioning services including fibre transmission, copper, Ethernet Evolution.
  • Dedicated technicians who have many years’ experience under their belt in telecommunication industry.